Home Décor Ideas for Kids’ Birthday Party


Birthdays are the most awaited occasion of the year, especially among kids. They expect a lot on their birthdays. Soon after it is over, they start counting days for the next birthday. For them, it’s all about fun with their friends and cousins, but for their parents organizing a birthday party could be a cumbersome task. As parents, you have to make sure everything is happing as your plans and as per the expectation of your child.  After all, it’s your kid’s big day and you leave no stone unturned to make it her best day ever. The most challenging in arranging a kid’s birthday party is deciding how to decorate the home. You should make your house look great as many guests would be coming over. The interior design of the home should be magnificent at one glance.  Here are few ideas on how to decorate your home for kid’s birthday party.

Fork Placeholder

Fork Placeholder is a simple yet unique party decorator. In this, you can use a fork to hold papers or cards or other stuffs of similar weight. Make cut-outs of the papers of desired shape like butterfly and write the name of kids on that. The kids would surely love it.

Balloon blowout

This decoration is very cost effective as you can use basic balloons of different colour and sizes. After that you can attach all the balloons with one another and use the wall to write either Happy Birthday or anything you like.

Hanging paper flowers

Paper flowers hanging up to ceiling look fantabulous. All you need to do is to have few paper bags of different colours and little creativity. This decoration is cheap as well as easy to make.

Tie Birthday banners

If you are running short of time, then you can buy some readymade birthday banners from the market. They are available in various sizes and shapes. You can bring them home and tie them at two corners of the wall. These are really good to enhance the party mood.

Hanging birthday streamers

You can hang colourful streamers in the party hall. This will make the party hall attractive and will enhance the interior design of the party hall.

Naming over party hats

You can order for the party hats for each guest and paste their name over it.  This will be truly exciting for guests, especially the kids invited. They would love to see their names and wear the hat.

Cutleries in the flower pot

Cutleries in the flower pot, is an innovative idea to decorate the birthday party by keeping the forks, spoons or other cutleries inside beautiful flower pots. This is also useful to keep the area neat and clean, instead of spreading the cutleries here and there.

Cupcake flower lights

You can reuse your Christmas lights on your kid’s birthday party by giving them the look of cupcakes. This can be one of the best ways to decorate the birthday party. All you have to do is take some colourful papers and shape them as cupcakes. Afterwards surround each bulb of the light with the paper cupcakes.


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