Tips for Creating a Home Gym in Small Space

If you regularly wait in a crowded gym for your turn to use the weights, it is time to get a home gym. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough space. With clever interior design and a little utility planning, you can maintain even intensive fitness regimes at home. A home gym lets you make a one-time investment and can be set up within most budgets.

The best thing is that you cannot have equipment you won’t use, and would be required to make the most of the available space. Here are some tips on creating an efficient home gym in a small space.

Maximize whatever space is available

The best thing about having limited space is that you can focus. In a space that barely fits your essentials, start off by de-cluttering. Get rid of anything you don’t use anymore and prioritize functionality in your interior design. Use vertical space and make the most of wall-hung cabinets. Replace that heavy armchair with something that can slide easily when you clear the area for working out.

Clear out the dining table from the living area and use the kitchen island for dining. Invest in a couple of ottomans for storing dumbbells or other pieces of workout gear. The garage is a good option for setting up your home gym in.

Getting the right equipment for small spaces

Unlike commercial gyms, you cannot afford to have pulley machines and bulky elliptical trainers. However, that cannot stop you from getting a comprehensive workout. Some indispensable home gym essentials include:

·         Yoga mats, which make floor exercises safe and comfortable. Be it Pilates or Yoga, mats provide cushioning and keep your sweaty off the germ-ridden floor.

·         No matter how advanced the machines at your current gym might get, invest in the right weights. Three sets are enough, and they could be 5, 10, and 15, or 10, 15, and 20. If you are on a tight budget, fill up a duffle bag or milk jug with sand and your weights are ready.

·         Pull-ups provide thorough exercise to the upper body. Get a pull-up bar and hook them to the doorway for quick sessions.

·         For home gyms in small spaces, resistance bands can kill two birds with one stone. They can provide resistance training and prevent the risks associated with lifting heavy weights, especially if you’re likely to work out alone.

Invest in good interior design

The best thing about a good workout area is its ambience. Invest in a good portable speaker but make sure it can be hung up on the wall. If you need to watch training videos or something interesting while skipping, consider hanging an LED on the wall. Inspirational quotes and posters of fitness icons are a must. A punching bag provides high-intensity, stress-busting workouts and is a fun addition to your interior design.

Mirrors are an essential part of gyms. They not only help you check out your muscles or feel inspired to work out, but enlarge a small space considerably. They also help to maintain good form and posture while working out.


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