Interior decor ideas for a single man's bedroom

A single man's bedroom is referred to his 'cave' in the interior design fraternity. It is a place to which he retires after a long and hard day at work. It could be minimalist or even rustic, and should underline the man's personal idea of style. If you are a bachelor looking for inspiration to design your bedroom, try to recollect the best hotel room you've lived in. Men often look for features inspired by automotive design, but in spite of all, it should be cozy and comfortable. Read on for some effective advice on a single man's bedroom.

Comfort is a must in a man's bedroom

Quality, comfortable furniture has to be bought keeping both form and function in mind. If you are going for a bedside chair, get a lounge chair or one built with a cup holder in the handle. Bean bags could seem comfortable from a distance, but they haven't really been designed keeping the human form in mind. Stay away of them and get a Barcelona Chair as it affords the utmost comfort. Rather than splurging on the wall unit, get a comfortable mattress.

Go for decor that offers functionality

Simplicity is synonymous with masculinity, at least when it comes to wanting to have the best interior design in Singapore. Bachelors' bedrooms should have a careful combination of furniture and decor. The must-haves of a young man's bedroom are a basic bed in grays and other solid colors. Angular lines offer more masculinity. A little leather chair looks great in the bedroom. Have a tidy dressing area and cupboard component alongside. You could alternately have a black-and-white themed bedroom and a lounge chair beside the bed.

Neutral colors are a good choice

Neutral colors are a man's best friend. They are a safe choice and are versatile. They also let a man host others in his bedroom and accommodate their style. White, black and gray are great choices. If you want to add additional colors, it is better to do so by way of artwork or wall decor instead of getting gaudy colored bedding. Some feel that gray and black get too cold for a bedroom, so it can be suitably evened out by using natural fabrics like wool and linen.

Some tips on wall decor

A single man's bedroom interior design is incomplete without a great wall decor theme, and this can be done by a personal touch. The wall in your bedroom is a space where you can flaunt both, your personal style, and your accomplishments. Paper ephemera, including vintage maps, photographs and other collections adorn your walls beautifully. Other ideas for interesting wall decor are framed news clips, historical pictures, posters and even paintings.

Try adventurous and unconventional interior designs

Attic style bedrooms are preferred by many single men these days, simply because of the combination of unconventionality and comfort that they offer. You can create a wooden base for the slanted ceiling area, with either single beds or workstations under the slant, for a unique sleep-work combination. You can also use wood for headboards and have retractable beds. Tartan for bedding is also a recent trend.