6 décor tips to prepare your home for autumn

Just like the monsoon, the fall is a special time to prepare and cosy up your home. You can finally include earthy colour tones in your interior design - or candles, cosy fabrics and fluffy pillows. The external surroundings will keep on getting cooler and windier, even as the temperature drops, giving you a chance to explore the comforts of your home. But doing a décor for the approaching autumn requires planning in advance. Read on to know tips on how you can prepare the interiors of your home for autumn.

Prepare your fireplace afresh

Unlike in the cold-all-year countries, the fireplace in your home can get dusty and begin to show signs of dormancy in the summer months. Call up a contractor and check whether there are any safety hazards concerning gas leakage and the like. This professional checking up is necessary. Replace any broken brick linings and check whether the alarms are working properly.

Make your outdoor space comfortable

Even though interior design during the autumn is more about décor that affords comfort indoors, do not leave the outdoors as it is. With fall, temperatures drop, and the patio and the porch become even more enjoyable. Hang throws on the backs of your chairs outside. You can also get little, comfortable, pillows made for couches that lie outdoors.

Add more pillows for cosiness

Autumn slowly ushers in the winters. You and the family will want to spend more time indoors. This is reason enough to cosy up the space a little bit. Get plush bolsters and throw pillows of various sizes, shapes and designs. Go for colours that emit warmth and follow it up with suitable accessories throughout the room.

Add layering with rugs

Layering and autumn interior design are almost synonymous. Moreover, layering with rugs helps demarcate area, apart from adding texture and colour to your floors. The more important reason is that rugs provide cushioning and help keep your feet warm on the cold hardwood floors and tiles. However, always make sure that the rug at the bottom pokes out of the one on the top just enough for the layering to be clearly visible.

Wreaths can help define autumn

Wreaths are unmistakably an autumn interior design object. They can be made at home, but the better idea is to get them from a store. Generally, grapevine wreaths make for sufficient decoration, but you can also consider embellishing them with berries, leaves, pine cones, corn husks and all. Wreaths are best hung on the front door, and if you have multiple windows facing the entrance of your home, hang them there too. However, you will have to combine different styles.

Get curtains for insulation

You might have had bamboo shades or other lighter varieties for curtains to keep the suffocation out. But autumn signals the arrival of winter; you will have to get curtains that offer cosiness and insulation. Ikat draperies along with bamboo shades are an unbeatable idea for autumn. Keeping in mind the natural warmth you will need, choose a colour scheme that complements your curtains.