How to choose the right sofa for your living room

The right interior design in Singapore is incomplete without the right sofa. A good sofa complements a living space well too. However, what might confuse you from buying the right one, right away, could be overwhelming options available both in online and physical stores. No matter what your style is, be sure to consider the layout of your living space. If you are confused about what sofa to choose, and are short on time and effort, read on to know some useful tips.


Size of the room

You do not need to be an interior designer to know the right proportion of the sofa size versus the room size. It also depends on whether you want to fill up the entire volume of your living space. Your estimate should also account for any other couches or seating. Simple sofas should be L-shaped, and can be teamed up with a square coffee table. However, if you want your sofa to serve as a centre of attraction in your living room, go for rounder sofas that provide the illusion of more space.


Orientation of the sofa

This is decided by the purpose that your living room serves for your family. If this is basically a resting space, include cushions and bolsters around the whole space. Add chairs if required. Make sure that your sofa faces your media centre. If you are a person who frequently hosts Saturday card games or wine evenings, your sofa should be of a circular or semi-circular orientation around a central table.


Shape of your sofa

Again, the shape of the sofa says a lot about interior design and the demarcation of your living space. A tidy L-shape sofa is excellent for dividing open areas into the living room and the dining space. If the area serves as a media room, have a circular sofa. Chaises or daybed style sofas let multiple people sit around the same area at once.


What upholstery you should use

Research well on the kind of upholstery you would need. Do not base your choice entirely over aesthetic and style. Functionality is still important, and that is why fabrics like suede are a bad choice if you have a dog or small children. In fact, choose upholstery fabric that is durable enough for pulling. Leather, in that case, is a better choice, since it is easier to clean.


Does the style fit in?

It is difficult to have a specific style for one's house. Follow your instinct and pick a couch that will fit in well with the environment and existing interior design of your house. If you believe in sleek, modern designs, choose a sofa that has smooth lines and easily noticeable shades. If you are a bohemian at heart, choose a vibrant mix of patterns, unorthodox accents and complementing art pieces.

Choose neutral colors, if you want to play it safe. However, if you have kids at home, have a sofa in darker hues. Synthetic fabrics are preferred these days, since they can be cleaned easily and do not burn a hole in your pocket.