Top 10 bedroom decor tips for teenage boys

Teenage is a dynamic period in one’s life. It is here that they experience serious changes in their mind and body. Their thought process becomes rebellious, and desires immediate expression. If you too have a teenage son who requires more space in his bedroom, space that is designed especially for his personality, you would have to take smart decisions regarding space allotment and interior design in Singapore – especially when space is constraint. However, do not note that it is still possible! Read on to know the top 10 bedroom décor tips for teenage boys.

1. Moroccan style bedrooms

Bohemian or Moroccan décor focuses on giving the impression of vibrancy and exquisite furnishing. This is generally for boys in their late teen. The best-suited colours for Moroccan interior design are teal blue, orange and white – these are among the colours that also makes the room looks big. The flooring should be of an earthy tone. Sheets and other linens should have geometric patterns. If possible consider using Moroccan style earthenware for a great finish.

2. Introduce creativity

The idea is to involve a fun interior design that underlines the creative aspect of their personality. You can do this by having hanging chairs and beds, a fish tank that is wall-mounted, and a round bed. Include a chalkboard wall in cobalt blue, lime green or hot pink.

3.  Pay attention to textures

Textures and fabrics should have the feel-good variety. Make sure to have pillows of different textures and colours. Divisions of space can be made using curtains. If your teenager particularly likes textures, one faux fur rug is essential.

4. Storage advice

Teenager boys' rooms generally tend to mess a lot more easily than adults' rooms.  Choose a furniture system that would adapt easily to changes that you may make in the future. Always have space for bookshelves and other study equipment, along with a media centre. Having DIY or giving some personal touch is always the way to add some rugged to the room. Try it!

5. How the study space should be

One good idea for study spaces is to have a chalkboard calendar on the wall behind the study table. Make sure that the study space affords ample calm and encouragement for creativity. A nautical style study area employs neutral colours, mostly linen and denim blue. Back it up with a comfortable chair and a sturdy desk. If you have less space, use alcoves and window recesses as mini study spaces.

6. What the best colours are

Orange as a colour for your teen's bedroom can promote creativity and energy. The design can be orange on one wall or in the alcoves and an interesting monochrome plan for the rest of the wall. Blue is also a dramatic interior design colour, especially suited to growing boys' style. Use it horizontally in alternating stripes of gloss and matt.

7. School style bedrooms

Teenage boys are by nature rebellious, and giving a schoolroom twist to their bedrooms will make them love it. Have 'school uniform' style colours for the walls, along with wood board for the floor. You can add locker-style metal cabinets and metallic chairs painted in cool colours.

8. Coastal themes

This style is best suited to bedrooms for teenagers that usually have lots of friends coming in. Paint the walls in light colours to give an illusion of spaciousness. Have a mirror to reflect light.

9. Use bedroom wardrobes smartly

Use less or badly used wardrobes for small, hideaway desks. These are compact, can be closed when not in use, and use shelves much more effectively.

10. Art-themed boys' bedroom

Have neutral colours on the walls and delicate lighting, adding shelves all over the room. Add posters and have soft linens.