How to hang curtains: the Do's and Don'ts

Curtains have been a part of living spaces from as early as the 2nd century. This is no surprise, considering the fact that they help consummate living rooms or bedroom by providing privacy and comfort and controlling the light.

But they are never drab pieces of interior design that just do their original job. They help you underline your style and texture your walls and windows. You can also play with different colors to achieve interesting effects. It doesn't matter if your curtains are bought or custom-made. All the difference lies in how you hang them. Read the do's and don'ts of hanging curtains.

Do's of hanging curtains

·  Do go high up near the ceiling. Rods that are fixed close to the ceiling make the window appear taller and can make the room look spacious. Generally, rods should be fixed 4-6 inches above the frame.

· Do consider taking sufficient cloth. Even though this is common knowledge, one might be tempted to cut short the fabric length. But remember that curtains have to be closed. The rule is to take cloth length that is twice or two and a half times the window width. Fabrics like sheer could need even more.

· Do take into account light coming in. This means that the choice of the type of curtain will depend on the room. For instance, if it is the bedroom, you will have to ensure that the curtains cover both sides of the window, so that light penetrate in. Likewise, linen and lighter blends can give room breeziness and a casual feel. The interior design of a room works closely with the amount of light a room receives.

· Do use a custom template to save time and ensure more accuracy. Templates for hanging curtains can be made easily using pieces of cardboard. Just note the measurements of the first hanging and use the template for the next ones.

Don'ts of hanging curtains

·  Don't choose too wide a rod. Technically, the rod should be 1/3 times wider than the width of the window. If your window is 60 inches wide, the rod should be 80 inches long, so that you can spare 10 inches each at both the ends.

· Don’t remove blinds when you hang your curtains. Blinds serve a different purpose and there is a reason why they were there in the first place. Venetian blinds and Roman blinds are preferred by interior designers as they add elegance to the kitchen and living room, respectively. In fact, blinds and curtains can complement each other just alright.

· Don't hang them without ironing. Curtains, just like clothes, look shabby and depressing when wrinkled. Either steam or iron them before you hang them. Ironing is important also for fullness and vibrancy.

There are other points to keep in mind while hanging your curtains. You should take into account the weight of the curtain and the rod because if they are heavy, they could need extra hardware. In addition, make sure that the curtains you buy are long enough, even if you have to hem them up later.