4 reasons to paint your ceiling black

Ceilings painted black, solve a variety of purposes. Black is a highly underrated color, and when used strategically on areas like the walls or the trims of a room, it can work wonders. As an interior designer, one can also simply make it part and parcel of their best interior design strategy. Popular opinion agrees that black can make high ceilings look lower and low ones look higher, giving the room a perfect sense of volume.

If your room overlooks a lovely scene, you can foreground it with a black ceiling, which is expected to lead the viewer's gaze straight through the glass walls, over to the greenery. Even otherwise, there are reasons why you should consider painting your ceiling black. Here are the top 4 reasons why you should consider painting your ceiling black.

Black ceilings blend well with the rest of the colors

Black is the darkest in terms of degree, and when used to paint the ceiling, it goes well with the rest of the colors in the room. If you have white or gray walls, a black ceiling complements both these colors well. If it is a bedroom, one can have different colors on the sheets, blankets, and other objects like flower vases. One tip is to have black trims and black frames for photographs and paintings.

It hides the faults of the ceiling

This is best done in basement walls, as is the case in underground stores and showrooms nowadays. Ductwork can be effectively concealed by painting the ceiling and covering the whole pipes and machinery, black. This not only helps the unappetizing, mechanical area be made far less prominent, but also saves you more headroom and costs.

It accentuates a black and white feel

Black with white is a combination that never goes out of fashion. Take, for example, Charlie Chaplin's suits, Dalmatians, the chessboard, and newspapers that have a fashionably vintage feel. You can give your room a modern twist by having white walls with a black ceiling and floor, complementing by accessorizing with objects similarly paired in black and white. Flowers and colorful objects can also give a hint of color pop.

You can mark areas out with black

Within an open floor plan, it can sometimes become tricky to demarcate spaces. For instance, when a study or a kitchen is a part of a living room, they tend to blend in with the rest of the room, often giving an illusion of smallness, or simply, bad interior design. With black ceilings for these areas, you don't need to elevate, or hassle yourself with drab rugs or area dividers.

Black ceilings, apart from giving your room a specific look, can add drama and elements of surprise to your living area. Team up black ceilings with millwork and brick-themed walls to heighten the intensity of your interior design. If you are not too sure about how it will turn out, it is a good idea to experiment with black ceilings in bathrooms and other less-visited areas.