Bohemian style interior design ideas and tips

Bohemian style interior design is a way of designing that makes your home a perfect place to sit back and relax; it’s classy without being too formal. It also showcases your rebellious nature. This means that you can outright reject conventional and boring interior design from Singapore. However, the best part of having such a design for your home is that your home will not look like other mundane and uninspiring homes.  Usually, people with artistic sensibilities choose the bohemian option. If you are someone who likes to have lively rooms, replete with interesting things and innovative styling of furniture, you should read on to know how you do it.

Do not organize in the usual way

Organization and meticulousness is for ordinary homes. Moreover, it signifies discipline and lack of passion. Bohemian interior design is all about being and looking busy, not settled – even it means in your living rooms or your kitchen! Place that flower vase in a random corner of that table top. Use unconventional accessories for different places. If you have paintings or photographs waiting to be hung, it is better to let them remain un-hung – decked up near a wall. This symbolizes deliberate carelessness and the spirit of a traveler. This is a perfect way to showcase your bohemian style.

Accessorize empty spots

The bohemian style needs empty spots to be utilized. This is not to mean that every wall in your house has to be completely covered, but you can use spare accessories and hangings to embellish evidently blank and banal spaces. For instance, you can use jewelry, wall hangings, and minimalistic shelves, clocks of different types, lanterns and even mirrors to fill up blank spots. You can even ask your interior designer to include deliberate blank spaces that you can fill up yourself later.

Ethnic is chic

Bohemian interior design is for people who live a bohemian lifestyle. It should reflect a spirit of multi-ethnicity and wanderlust. Ethnic boxes, bottles from decades ago, cutlery of different kinds, old maps and faux skulls and seashells are all good examples of ethnic items. Another idea is to extensively use tapestry and rugs instead of ordinary paintings and hangings. Neon effect signs are a recent addition to the list. To cut the story short, bohemian interior design should show transcendence of culture and space.

Have interesting furniture

If you want to have a bohemian home, you will have to collect vintage furniture and unorthodox accessories. Some examples can be teakwood bowls, cart tables, engraved tables and corner shelves. Make sure that every piece of furniture catches your guests' attention and tells a story. Popular choices in bohemian furniture are fainting couches and chaises in dark colors and with ornate patterns.

Don't choose everyday colors

Even though bohemian style of decorating doesn't follow any rules as such, but earthy hues and metallic shades are always good bohemian interior choices. These include brown, terra cotta, golden, dark purple, electric blue and intense shades of orange. White is a complete no-no. Warm colors are bohemian. But be sure to mix and create outrageous combinations.