How to make your bathroom safe for your kids

Many of us want our bathrooms to be pretty luxurious. We even spend huge money on interior designers to get that fancy and pleasant look for our bathrooms. However, the bathroom can also be a dangerous place especially for children. There are countless products inside a bathroom which can be pretty hazardous for your child. A few precautions would be beneficial. Here are a few useful tips to make your bathroom safe for your kids.

Prevent slips and falls

Kids running around the wet bathroom floor are more susceptible than adults to slips and falls. You should plan your interior design accordingly. In order to prevent kids from slipping and falling, it would be a good idea to use non-skid decals or a rubber mat inside the tub. Drying the floor and your child’s feet after the bath will also prevent any slips. You should also get a non-slip rubber mat which will provide that extra traction on the floor for your child.

Unplug electric appliances

Hair dryers and razors are common bathroom appliances, but they can be very dangerous for your kids. Make sure they are unplugged and safely hidden in some high cabinet. In fact, all the electric appliances in your bathroom must remain unplugged or, for at least be located high enough at all times, far from children’s reach – this includes lighting

Get rid of molds and mildew

The air inside your bathroom has the highest level of humidity and moisture. And plenty of moisture will definitely allow mold and mildew to thrive. No interior designer can prevent that from happening. Your child may accidentally try and taste mould which can be hazardous to their stomach. Mildew, on the other hand, can cause respiratory problems.

The simple way to tackle this problem is by being a little extra careful while cleaning your bathroom. You should get rid of molds and mildew immediately. It is also important to keep the bathroom well ventilated.

Prevent burns

Hot water from the tap should never be more than 120 degree Fahrenheit (48.9 degrees Celsius) for your kids. Anything above this temperature may cause scalding and burns on the skin of the child. Moreover, you can also install anti-scald devices in your tub spout and shower head. Using knob covers over faucets would also help prevent your child from getting any burns on their hands.

Keep cosmetics and medicines out of reach

Kids are always curious and are bound to touch and try things that they find interesting. Hence, it is always prudent to keep all the cosmetics, cleaning products and medicines in your bathroom away from the reach of your child. And you really do not need any interior design professional to guide you in this regard. All you need to do is to place these items in a safe and locked cabinet which your child can never reach.

Those are some of the simplest way to keep children safe inside a bathroom. This will not be possible as they grow up, though. Hence, keep the abovementioned tips in mind and ensure your child’s constant safety.