5 colors that would make your room look bigger

Painting the walls of your room not only gives it a fresh tinge, but uplifts your mood. It also solves another major purpose—it makes your room look bigger. The visual effect of certain colors is such that an illusion of spaciousness. You can try going for painting the same color throughout, or use contrasting hues alternately, to get different effects. No matter what is your interior design, read on to know how these 5 colors will make your room, kitchen, living room or even your bathroom look bigger.

Shades of grey

Darker monochromatic shades are known to absorb more light, but in the recent years, certain shades of gray have been found to accentuate the illusion of spaciousness. The best choices to be made in gray are pale, grayish shades of oak and coastal fog. The latter is recommended for rooms that have walls with large windows or multiple doors. Many interior designers get the trim and the molding painted in the same color as that of the walls, to make it look bigger.


It is a fact universally acknowledged that tones of white always make a room look large. Being a versatile color, it matches with furniture, most colors that you could have on doors and windows. If you want to have lighter hues along with white on your walls, it'll have a calm effect. With darker colors, the contrast only helps to have variety. One can go for a black-and-white striped effect, or contrast by painting one wall with dramatic colors like red, cobalt blue or sea green.


Yellow, in its many shades, can be a versatile color. If you have a particularly small room, yellow, used in combination with a citrus color like orange or lime green, can make it look roomy. However, you can always choose what shade of yellow to choose. There is subtle lemon, pale banana, or the most versatile, creamy yellow. The best thing about yellow is that it works perfectly well with darker, contrasting colors. Narrow rooms can be made to look larger by using stripes.

Sea foam green

Lighter shades of blue and green have the ability to create a calm, cool atmosphere, giving the appearance of spaciousness and brightness. Sea foam green is closer to an aquatic shade of blue, with tones of green and gray. It accentuates volume because it is earthy and has a natural quality about it. One can use darker shades of the same color on the trims, or use it on the walls in combination with pink, white, or yellow. Having white trims with sea foam green will always make the room look big.


Lilac and other pastel colors can effortlessly brighten and embolden spaces. Shades of pink, peach, and lavender, along with lilac, are compatible with natural light, especially if one has large windows. Lilac on the walls can be used in combination with beige or tan trims. It is advised to use darker shades too.

No matter if you've a house that needs painting, or an interior designer, making a room look big is not necessarily a question of actual space. You can make the best of what these colors have to offer.