5 most common misconceptions about interior designers

Interior design in Singapore has become a vital part of our day-to-day lives in the present times. We all want our homes or workplaces to have that elegant and stylish look. That is why interior designers are so much in demand these days. However, there are a few misconceptions about interior designers. Here’s a look at the five most common misconceptions.

1. They are too expensive

The first thing that comes to our mind while thinking about an interior designer is that they are too expensive to hire. It is generally assumed that designing is only for the rich. This, however, is a false assumption. Designers will work astutely with your budget and will charge you only according to your space and style. You can also sit with your designer and discuss all the possibilities of your budget. Having a detailed knowledge of space and design, especially for the important areas of your house like the kitchen and living room. They can in fact help avoid any expensive errors.

2. They won’t listen to you

Another misconception about interior designers is that they are too rigid and won’t listen to any opinions you have. This myth has been generally created through some films and television series which have caricatured personalities of designers. No designer will ever try to force their views on you. They will only keep your choices for interior design in mind and attempt to work around that.

3. Their own homes are perfect

Since designers have to design countless homes all the time, we imagine their own homes to be absolutely picture perfect. Perhaps some of them do. However, the truth is that most designers are so busy in designing the homes of others that they have very little time – perhaps only on Sundays –to work on their own home. That may sound surprising to you, but it is true.

4. Interior designing is a female dominated profession

Another blatantly clichéd idea about interior designers is that most of them are females. It is vastly assumed that men don’t enter this profession as only females prefer it. This is an absurd stereotype. Interior design is a job that is open to anyone who has the requisite skills. Any man can, most obviously, be easily interested in spatial reasoning and hence be attracted to this profession and the various challenges it offers.

5. We can design our own homes

Many of us feel that we have a good eye for design; especially for colors, form and function. Hence, we assume that we do not need to hire any designer for our homes as we can easily do that job ourselves. We have to understand, though, that interior designers have a thorough knowledge and understanding of space, color, design and style. They can manage our space and style in a much better way than an amateur can do. Hence, don’t try and make a mess of your house by trying to design it yourself.

Hopefully, these points would have helped break the myths surrounding interior designers. It is important not to hold these misconceptions about them.