6 affordable ways to make your bathroom feel more luxurious

Other than your living room, your bathroom is also perhaps one of the most expensive places in your house. Yet, you may want to make it look more elegant and luxurious. If you think hiring a reputed interior design firm in Singapore is the only way to refurbish your bathroom, think again. You would be surprised to know there are several affordable ways to make your bathroom feel more luxurious. Here are some useful tips.

Use fluffy mats and towels

The mat is the first thing you notice while entering the bathroom. Hence, an unkempt one is a strict no-no, as it can make the bathroom look shabby. Get a fluffy mat, instead, which will instantly give the place a regal feel.

You can also add fluffy towels and handkerchiefs in the cabinets of your bathroom. Nothing will enhance the magnificence of a bathroom like a bunch of colorful, soft, and fluffy towels.

Add an elegant mirror

A simple and bland-looking mirror can make your bathroom appear gloomy. You probably don’t need to be an interior designer to figure that out. Opt for a mirror with a little more style and elegant, for it can infuse life into your bathroom. And if you are worried about the cost of a luxurious mirror, consider visiting any of the recurring flea markets in Singapore where you are likely to find one at a fraction of the cost.

Switch your showerhead

There can hardly be anything more exquisite than a rainfall showerhead in your bathroom. Its softness and grace would make you feel like royalty every time you take a shower. And, adding it to your bathroom won’t pinch your pockets either, as several decent ones are available at nominal prices easily.

Dim the lights

Lighting plays a major part in setting up the ambience. Dim lights can be very attractive, and can set the mood of any room right. Install a dimming switch in your bathroom and turn the harsh light into a soft and soothing one. After a hard day’s work, when you return home and a take a shower with the dim lights on, you are definitely going to feel relaxed.

Get some scented candles

If you live in a rented apartment and do not have permissions to install a dimming switch, there is an alternative way - use scented candles. Which happens to be the in-trend now. Having a bunch of colorful, scented candles around your bathroom will have almost the same effect as dim lights. The soft aroma of scented candles can be extremely calmative. Moreover, they look very exotic and are relatively inexpensive.

Add a bit of greenery

Adding a bit of greenery to your bathroom is the easiest way to give it a luxurious feel. Small, fresh, green plants like aloe vera and philodendrons will also give the much-needed allure and vividness to a worn-out bathroom. Also, these plants can easily stay alive because of the high humidity levels inside a bathroom.

As you must have understood from the tips above, making your bathroom look luxurious is actually pretty easy and affordable. All you need is to be a little creative, and you can even give famed interior designers a run for their money.