Top 5 interior design ideas for small living rooms

Most of your visitors and guests first enter into your living room. To make the first impression right, you should take special care in decorating this section of your home. Lack of space is a common problem for many people, but with creative interior design ideas in Singapore, you can make your living room appear more specious and aesthetically pleasing. Simple things like your choice of colors and patterns for drapes or walls can make a big difference in the look and feel of your living room. Here are some ideas.


1.    Use the vertical space

If your living room lacks horizontal space but has a high ceiling, you can use the vertical dimension to make the area feel larger and more specious. For instance, you can hang long, flowing, floor-to-ceiling curtains to draw eyes of the onlookers upward. Another good idea would be to position a collection of beautifully designed artworks along the upper wall. The idea, again, is to attract the eyes upward - away from the cramped horizontal space.   

2.    Avoid excessive furniture

If you have limited space in your living room, consider using minimal furniture. Keep only the necessary ones, such as, a sofa, a wall unit, some stands with shelves and drawers, and a coffee table. Hang a LED TV from the front wall to save more space, and make sure you use lightweight, slim furniture pieces that do not occupy a lot of space. If you are not sure what furniture to use, you can seek advice from an experienced interior designer.

3.    Choose the right colors

Use a creative color combination on walls, ceiling and floor of your living room to create a specious look and feel. Neutral colors like off-white, beige, taupe, ivory, and gray would be a good choice. Make sure you use different colors on walls and ceiling. If possible, choose contrasting colors for your furniture. Light colors in the walls and ceiling would help light up the entire room with reflecting light.

4.    Clean the clutter

Clutter can make your small living room appear even smaller. No matter how good the interior design is, you can ruin everything by keeping things unorganized. In a small room, you should be extra careful about putting things in the right place after use.

5.    Use mirrors and creative lighting

One rule of thumb for decorating small rooms is to use mirrors. Expert interior designers would often recommend hanging a large mirror in the focal point of a living room. This helps create an impression of larger space. You can hang a mirror in the wall facing a widow to create an illusion of another window in the room. Mirrors also help reflect light onto the room to further illuminate the whole area. Remember that light plays a major role in the interior designing of a small room. Use multiple ceiling lights to cast pointed lights on important areas of your living room. You can also use some wall lights and a table lamp to create visual breaks.