New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Your Interior Décor

Interior décor is all about positive and refreshing change. What was classy in the past could mean cold and lifeless in 2017. This year, instead of taking up difficult New Year’s resolutions, vow to have the best interior design in Singapore. Get over fads of the past and introduce fresh elements. Embrace your empty spaces and resist the urge to fill them with furniture and objects. Here are a few New Year’s resolutions that can help you better your interior décor.

Experimenting with minimalism

While experts still vote in favour of multiple elements of interest in smaller rooms, clutter is never welcome. After putting up for years, with knick-knacks and useless pieces lying here and there, go minimalist in 2017. Minimalism in interior design has been a major movement in the recent years. Let go of old pieces, clear out table tops and shelves, and opt for baskets for added storage.

Adopting sustainable design

Sustainability will be a major trend in the coming years, as far as interior design goes. More and more people are becoming ecologically aware, and are opting for eco-friendly material. Choose furniture made of reclaimed wood or better options like bamboo and coir. Install water harvesting systems and use fibres and paints free from pesticides.

Accepting bold patterns

Design pundits are of the opinion that bold graphics will be back in 2017. Get over understated designs and choose loud patterns to decorate parts of your house. Have a colourful, patterned rug in the entryway, or ethnic wall art for the living area.

Bringing colour back

Going all monochrome was a popular interior design trend a few years back. However, giving up colour can take away energy from a home. Have colour make a comeback by adding two accent colours to a room with white walls. Get cushions in matching colours for the sofa. Do not go overboard with colour, though. 

Infusing life in the home office

When it comes to designing your house, the home office is often ignored. Change that practice and spruce this area up. Get your old inspirational posters out and deck a wall with them. Curate knick-knacks, photographs, and other art pieces for a corner of the home office. Take a resolution to make your workspace inspiring and original.

Getting inspiration from different sources

Move over clichéd sources of inspiration in 2017. Design ideas on platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, magazines, and blogs are no longer unique. It could be a brilliant New Year’s resolution to look at unconventional sources of inspiration. Incorporate elements from a restaurant or hotel lobby you visited. Public spaces, gardens, and museums are good ideas as well.

Introducing greenery

You could have been ignoring this wonderful resolution all your life. Bringing more plants in your interior design scheme is a cost-effective way to breathe life into a space. Have vibrant and low-maintenance varieties of indoor plants all around the living room area.

Flowers can add colour as well. Rubber trees for excellent indoor plants, eliminate toxins, and purify the air around. English Ivy is a great option if you want to hang your plants.