Interior Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2017

Interior design Singapore is slated to undergo some major upheavals in 2017. For instance, experts predict that pastel shades will make way for jewel tones. Escapism in urban dwellings will appear, with elements like reading nooks and oversized loveseats becoming a regular feature. Functionality in furniture and natural textures are expected as well. Read here about interior design trends you should watch out for in 2017.

Modular furniture schemes

Functionality and modularity go hand in hand. Modular furniture is a result of creativity and functionality. The nomadic furniture system is a good example. In this system, furniture consists of freestanding modular pieces. Transportable, space-saving systems, with metal frames in different sizes and versatile wooden hinges, provide practicality and elegance to interior design.

Elements of vintage interior design

Retro inspiration will be back in 2017, with designs inspired from sets of movies from the 60s and 70s. Elements like greenery, wooden beams and brick walls are interesting inputs for a vintage décor scheme. Retro effects for furniture include cane-back chairs, solid wood chairs with curved backs, and lounge chairs. Layered lighting can help to complement your home's vintage design.

Minimalistic bathrooms in urban homes

Private and smaller bathrooms are going to be the trend for 2017. The era of large bathtubs and spaces for toilette is over. However, smaller and neater does not have to mean compromises in terms of style, functionality, and comfort. You can make up for the lack of surplus space by investing in high quality fixtures. Incorporate contrast in the scheme, using hardware in dark colors with a neutral color palette.

Touches of metal in décor and furniture

Be it copper, warm gold, steel or cool chrome, metallic finishes are expected to be a hit in 2017. This includes interior design inspired by space, stars, metals, and the cosmos, along with elements like transparent fabrics, sheers, and silks. For a striking effect to a room, bring in silver finishes, including chrome and stainless steel. Metallic finishes can help subtly heighten the mood in a room. They can also be combined with white plaster.

What is in for 2017?

Certain elements from the past, like marble home-ware and open floor plans will make way for others. The elements of 2017 include:

Artsy wallpapers

Organic wallpapers that will look like murals and not plain wall coverings will be popular. Textures like sea grass and rice paper in mural and floral styles will lend an artistic touch to the interior design.


Warm will the more preferred option over cool. Terracotta tiles, with a matte finish, would come in for feature walls in bathrooms.


This is another material that adds warmth to a space. Cork is also stylish and can absorbing noise in homes with open floor plans. Doing entire walls of segments to pin notes is an interesting idea.

Darker shades of green

Shades of blue will be passé in the coming year, as green in dark shades will be a popular interior color. One can either use it as a paint color for their bedroom or as an accent element for furniture.