Tips for designing your home office

More and more Singaporeans are taking up the provision of working from home. They can have a better work-life balance and work in an environment that they are actually comfortable with. However, designing a home office that you will actually enjoy working in could be a challenge. It is essential to distinguish workspace within your home. The right interior design company can help you achieve this. Here are some useful tips on designing your home office.

Emphasize the role of the space

You could dedicate an entire room to a home office, or a corner in a large room. However, what is important is to find a focus to base the rest of the interior design around. If you have allotted just a desk to your workspace, the emphasis could be your computer. Keep it towards the front and to the center of the desk.

Plan the lighting well

Never set up a home office where you do not get enough natural light. This would mean going back to the uninspiring feeling of a corporate cubicle. Place the desk parallel to the windowpanes. This way, you will not be straining your eyes too much. Consider getting light fixtures for different intensities of light. A desk lamp is indispensable. A good lighting sets your mood to work.

Design ergonomically

Place your computer so that the top of the screen is at eye level. Scanning down the screen will keep moistening your eyelids and hence avoid eye fatigue. You should position the keyboard such that you can keep the arms parallel to the floor. Your feet should rest firmly on the floor. If needed, get a footrest. Invest in a desk chair ergonomically designed or at least get seat support.

Blend functionality with design for storage

Filing cabinets are important pieces of furniture, without which there would be too much confusion and lost documents. Hang magazine-rack-style cabinets or display shelves on an accessible area of a wall. If you have spare closets in other rooms, add shelving systems to them to minimize shelving in the home office. Alternately, you can try metal cube storage to keep books, to-do notes, pens and other knickknacks.

Lend greenery to the space

Plants are a significant addition to a space that needs frequent refreshment. Greenery also adds positive energy to the interior design. Plants like Cacti and Southern Yew can go a few days without water, for days you plan to take off from work. Moreover, office spaces can get monotonous and greenery can lend brightness and color.

Personalize in a corner

Interior design for the home office needs personalization as well. You can put the wall hangings, flower vases, photographs, and posters in a corner above a corner table. You can also display mementoes or achievements in glass shelves around this area. However, be sure to keep changing the arrangement every now and then. You may also want to get this space scented.

Get rid of clutter. Important work-related things like your day planner and phone should not be buried under the rubble of papers, cords, and random things. Get a desk organizer to maintain the harmony of your interior design.