Top 7 design ideas for small dining area

A small dining area does not necessarily end every scope for interior design. Whether your dining area is adjoined with an open kitchen or is a small dedicated room, you can still plan it well. Painting the room in bright colors can impart the illusion of spaciousness. Benches provide better seating than chairs in small dining spaces. The idea is to introduce functionality to the space. Read the top 7 design ideas for such small dining areas.

Avoiding visual fragmentation

Interior design for small dining areas is all about doing away with visual fragmentation. This can be done by having transparent dining tables and chairs. You will need circular tables with glass tops and chairs in acrylic for creating this effect. This maximizes the space on the table without the room getting too cramped up.

Using the kitchen island as a dining space

The island is a staple piece of storage furniture in kitchens. It can be further utilized by extending the top that forms a casual dining table for your guests. Moreover, this innovation makes cooking more sociable and enjoyable. You can get your island customized. If not, buy one with a pull-out table. The dining top can be conveniently pushed back inside when not in use.

Increasing the functionality of walls

Devoting four walls to the dining area is a redundant idea when it comes to modern interior design. Open floor plans allow greater functionality and let different areas blend into one harmonious space. Introduce area rugs, recessed lighting and contemporary décor. If you cannot help having walls, work on their functionality. Ideas for this include wall-mounted drop leaf tables and folding chairs.

Setting up breakfast nooks in the corners

Breakfast nooks are a smart addition in dining rooms that are short on space. Add cabinets and storage shelves to utilize vertical space. Breakfast nooks can have two to six seats and provide a cozy space for guests to mingle. Cramped corners can be used by placing two banquettes. Combine interior design with functionality by having hidden storage under seats.

Investing in cafe-style furniture

This can not only provide space saving interior design, but give your dining area a trendy look. Get a bar height table customized for your dining area. It takes less floor space than a traditional dining table. You can opt for higher-than-usual coffee tables as well. Bring the cafe ambience home by bringing a wooden bar to a living room window.

Going for smart shelving

You should not waste storage space in small dining areas. The idea is to avoid cabinets and instead go for open shelves. The doors of cabinets can make a room look stuffy and wastes space. Furthermore, open shelving offers flexible storage options. You can also go for built-in shelves and banquettes along the walls.

Designing for visual illusion

Visual trickery can impart the illusion of the dining area being much larger than it actually is. This can be achieved by getting mirrors to adorn the space. The reflection fakes extra space. Moreover, the bouncing light makes the area brighter. Painting the walls in bright colors gives the illusion of space as well.