Essential qualities of an interior designer

The job of an interior decorator involves combining creativity and functionality for homes and other spaces. When it comes to wanting the best interior design in Singapore, you must be able to bank on your designer to help get your ideas to life. They should be able to listen to your requirements carefully and offer valuable advice.

Look for reviews online or ask for referrals when choosing an interior designer. Here are some essential qualities of an interior designer.

They should estimate project durations well

This is because durations for every project are different. For instance, designing a living room can take 1-2 months to complete. In this case, the owner has a fair amount of time to buy products and start constructing. Delays and lags are a part of such projects, and good interior designers can estimate accurate duration for different projects.

They should be able to give a cost breakdown

Interior design is a matter of taste and education. Hiring someone just because they come cheap is not worth it. However, it is definitely one of the deciding factors. This means that they should be able to provide a clear breakdown of the cost. This generally depends on where you live in Singapore. Either they could charge you on an hourly basis or quote a fixed rate based on the entire project.

Ask for hourly rates if you want space planning or design drawing. Fixed rates are for larger projects like construction of a new home or full remodels. Based on their experience, a good interior designer will spell it all out in their contract.

They should keep the project on the right track

Interior designers should be able to manage people well. A project involves dealing with contractors, the client, and other people. This is where experience counts the most. You could also want your family members to be present when important interior design decisions are made.

Delays and setbacks cannot be avoided in longer projects. Hiring an interior designer can help with sticking to deadlines. Decisions and opinions can eat up a lot of time, and the interior designer should be able to provide the right options to avoid wasting time.

They should be good with visual detail

A good amount of an interior designer's job involves getting the designs from the mind on to the paper. If the client has a specific interior design requirement, the decorator must be able to quickly draw up a sketch of the same. Good interior designers have a knack for inspecting and surveying buildings.

They should have an inherent drive for doing creative work

Interior design is not all planning and calculation. Whether experienced or newcomer, a good designer will always be enthusiastic about a project. They should offer their insights about things like cost-effective options, colour combinations and durable building material.  They should also be able to collaborate with the other contractors to offer advice on paint, furniture, and plumbing. Good interior designers often have their own contacts as well. This helps them enjoy creative freedom and keep other project activities on track.