Tips and ideas for designing your home library

The library is a serene space in an otherwise busy house. Nowadays, it is usually combined with the study or the home office. The interior design of a library is actually a lot more than just about books and shelves. It helps you define what being a bibliophile means to you. Having the right decor and furniture is equally important. Read some tips and ideas on how you can design your home library.

Paint the walls in dark colours

For the shelves, brown and grey are popular colours. Though contemporary styles also favour bright shades like lime and aqua blue. For the walls, dark colours help add drama and depth to the space. You should experiment with darker shades of colours like red as well. To keep the interior design consistent, make sure that you do not use too many colours in your library.

Shelves and furniture

Keep the theme flowing throughout the shelves, flooring and furniture. Add a dash of pop, with ottomans in warm colours. You can use dark-stained wood for the shelves. Use comfortable fabrics like leather or chenille for your seating furniture. A coffee and an end table are a must. You can even mark out the seating area with an area rug.

Vary your lighting

Unless you have a light flooded library with glazed windows et al, adequate lighting is an absolute must. Lighted bookshelves are an interesting idea. Floor lamps can be fixed adjacent to a couch or chair. Other options for lighting include recessed ceiling lighting and brass-base lighting. There would be times when you would want to dim the lights and create a cosy ambience. A fireplace can provide that.

Decor and accessories

A home library is incomplete without accessories. Display your valuables and prized possessions in the shelves. An entire wall or an awkward corner can be decorated with a series of paintings or wall hangings. A wide range of accessories, including French lamps, portraits, chandeliers, seashells and even a chessboard, can be employed. Wall décor ideas include plastered walls in rattan shades.

Combine it with your media space

You might not have the dimensions for a round library. But you can still have a luxurious combination of a media room-cum-study. Invest in a decorative wooden ceiling and have shelves all around the space. Include a spacious seating arrangement to the centre, complete with a stylish coffee table and a grand media centre.

Opt for masculine vibes

Adding elements of masculine interior design can add a historical feel and grandeur to the library. This is especially exciting for serious readers. Get fully panelled walls, an imposing desk and a custom bench that has corner arms. Incorporate more wood in shelves and furniture for a masculine vibe.

Go ahead with a contemporary design

Contemporary library design demands functionality. Get multipurpose furniture, for instance, a large table for studying and hosting dinner parties as well. Choose ottomans over cocktail tables, especially if you are short on space. Get narrow, open shelving to flank either side of the door. For an industrial feel, have your shelves made from recycled wood and metal rods.