Top 5 tips for designing your balcony


While talking about interior design in Singapore, one generally mentions the interior of a house, for instance the bedroom and the living room. The truth is that the balcony area is as much a part of your home. Balconies are a link between the outside and to your house, therefore, it deserves equal attention. In fact, they present totally different challenges and opportunities for design and décor. Here are 5 tips on designing your balcony.

Go for a green balcony

Potted plants, be it ornamental or flowering give your balcony a fresh feel. You can even have herbs in small pots along the rails. Having plants in the balcony allows you to express your unique interior design. Go for colours that go with your style; aromatic plants and bonsai trees are an interesting choice.

Garden style balconies are especially suited to tropical places like Singapore. Vertical gardens are popular because of their self-irrigating feature. If there is a shortage of space, you can hang plants on the outside.

Light the balcony up

Just like in the rest of your interior design, get proper lighting done for your balcony. Fairy lights can be put up all year long. For subtler ideas, try metal or paper lanterns or even candle stands. Be sure to put candle stands in a place that doesn't get a lot of breeze.

Wall sconces are a sophisticated choice for balcony lighting. However, it is important to ensure that you are not brightening up the area too much.

Fabrics can provide softness

Bring softness to your balcony area by using fabrics. These can be in the form of a waterproof-rug or cushions with coarse fabric covers. Colours like pink, teal and yellow add to the softness. You can bring the indoors outside with a hammock with squishy cushions.

You can also hang woven drapes or those in sheer or lace around the balcony over the rails. Add a swing chair and a matching rug to the scheme and you have a cosy, private 'indoor' balcony.

Have the right seating for the space

The size and shape of the seating will be determined by the area of your balcony. For spacious balconies with a roof to protect from inclement weather, you can have an entire bistro set and deck chairs. Add a bean bag if the space allows.

Mediterranean furniture is an excellent choice if you have a lot of plants in your balcony. For smaller balconies, interior design should be a mix of functionality and creativity. Interesting options are foldaway chairs, ottomans, swing chairs and even chests.

Add the right accessories

Smaller balconies do not allow much scope for large pieces. Accessories provide decorative accents and are in line with your interior design indoors. Table linens, baskets, stuffed toys and colourful cushions are commonly used in balconies.

Even in spacious balconies, accessories add to the flavour of your existing scheme. Have small magazine holders, vases, and even vertical artworks. Smooth pebbles can make for natural doormats. Mini-chandeliers, wind chimes and bamboo-style walls impart an ethnic look to the balcony.