7 awesome kitchen storage design ideas

The kitchen is home to a lot of appliances like cookware and other specialty gadgets to make cooking a breeze. Managing storage without disturbing your interior design scheme could be difficult. This is especially true for smaller kitchens. However, with innovative thinking, you can utilize every inch and make the most of your space. For instance, linear alignment of cabinets and countertops can provide an illusion of depth. Here are 7 brilliant kitchen storage ideas.

1. Know when to use cabinets and drawers

You might be tempted to use cabinets as they cost slightly less than drawers. But drawers allow more depth and width. Wide and deep drawers are better when there is space available. Otherwise, cabinets work better. You should also utilize the narrow banks to store linens and silverware. Cabinets up to the ceiling make for great interior design.

2. Use space-saving adjustments

You should prioritize utility in your kitchen's interior design. Swivel stools under counter are a great way to combine functionality with style and save on seating space. Corner drawers are a recent invention that let you avoid awkward corners. They run diagonally into corners and are hence deeper. Appliance garages on the counter also help allocate a clutter-free space for coffee or juice stations.

3. Reclaim lost sink space

Scrubbers, wet sponges and soap can not only make the sink space look messy, but hinder space management. Get a couple of desk organizers and hang them either by the window sill or the sides of cabinets. Under-sink drawers to store cleaning supplies are another innovative addition to the otherwise wasted under-sink space.

4. Use narrow, left-out spaces

Narrow spaces can be used to make pull-out pantries that store both supplies and crockery. One good idea is to have a tiled front so as to make the pantry look like a part of the wall when closed. Narrow spaces can also be transformed into crockery drawers.

5. Combine interior design with utility with islands

Islands are a versatile addition to the interior design of the kitchen. You can use them to carve out built-in pet bowls and keep your pets away from the cooking area. See-through cabinets placed at the end of an island can be used to stack your crockery in style. An island with diagonal shelves can also be used to store wine bottles.

6. Have storage on the inside of doors

Small kitchens often lack the space for a proper, walk-in pantry. The solution is a pull-out organizer along with racks on the cabinet doors. You can even store crockery or clutter behind doors. You can hang frequently used utensils like spoons and ladles on the inside of doors too.

7. Go ahead with vertical storage designs

You can go for a vintage interior design scheme by having an étagère in your open shelving unit. It can hold books, bowls and other kitchen essentials. Shipping pallets are another innovative way to hang spoons, cups, knives, and even small bottles. Pallets are quite sturdy and let you combine style with effective storage. Old slatted doors can also be used to hang supplies. No matter how stylish you want your kitchen to be, do not forget the importance of having the correct lighting to make your cooking a breeze and effective.