Interior Design Tips for Powder Room


The powder room or the half bathroom is often one of the smallest spaces in your home. However, designing it can be truly fun! One of the first things to remember is that, a powder room can actually have a theme of its own which can be different from the scheme of the rest of the house. Here are some tips and ideas to discuss with your interior design company.

1. Make the Vanity Stand Out

 The vanity within the powder room is the only décor piece that you are likely to have in this space. Therefore, it has to be the centre of attraction. Instead of having a plain sink, include a classy storage counter, some artistic deco styling and even vintage themes. This will lend ample character to this space.

2. Create Walls that Come Alive

Since the powder room is a quaint little space, you need to have walls that are unique in color, appeal and texture. As your interior design company will advise, one of the best ways to do this is to stick to wallpapers. Wallpapers create the most emphatic wall impressions in your half bathroom.

3. Decorative Mirrors are Preferred

 Commonly, wall to wall mirroring happens to be the staple choice for powder room spaces. However, using decorative mirror pieces on walls that have been clad with wallpaper is the best way to add a touch of space to your room and give it an artistic lift at the same time.

4. Pendants and Scones

A powder room will generally never be used for shaving or performing focused tasks, therefore bathroom lighting fixtures can be avoided in totality for good. Considering that it is a small space you are dealing with, some simple lighting tricks can actually make it appear larger and airier. Choose pendants and scones that go well with the mirror pieces you have chosen, for creating a dreamy ambience.

Think out of the box and make creative choices as much as possible for doing up your powder room.

Interior Design Trends to Watch in 2018


As we have come to 2018, it is time to turn a new leaf with respect to trends, styles, and color schemes and so on. And interior design is no exception. Expert designers opine that while some existing trends are all set to undergo transformations, there are some new ones that are likely to make their presence felt in indoor design schemes. Here’s a look at some of the major trends.

Patterned Plants

Indoor plants had made a big splash in designing all through 2017. And if you are fond of them you would be happy to learn that they are not going anywhere this year too. However, there is likely to be a growing demand for patterned indoor plants this year. Unique patterns are now foraying into the market and finding many takers.

Statement Ceilings

 Come over statement walls! Emphasizing on wall decorations with color schemes and themes is clearly a thing of the past! The fresh trend is to create statement ceilings. You can choose tiling, painting or wallpapering for your ceilings and can even choose interesting decorations and hanging motifs for lending a sense of character to your ceiling.

Bright hues

When it comes to interior design, bright hues are still to make a mark alongside neutral shades. So, if you are fond of vibrant colors, feel free to include a dash of cactus green, burnt orange, gold accents and peacock blue in your scheme of things!

Doors for turning heads

 In 2018, doors are likely to be the showstoppers. Statement doors are likely to be very much in vogue. You can choose neon paints or artistic motifs, message mats or just about anything for creating that much-desired impact.

Make sure you put your finger on a specific theme and choose your designing elements accordingly. Your designer will be the best person to guide you in this regard.

4 More Interior Design Ideas for a More Productive Home Office


Home offices offer loads of advantages. You can work in comfort. You don’t have to waste time in traveling and traffic bottlenecks. While you get more time for work, you may still need to create a proper environment for maximum productivity. All you need is to engage suitable interior design ideas for creating productive workplaces at home. Here are more ideas for making your home office productive.

1. Include creative elements

 Just because it is a workplace it does not have to be plane and mundane like a cubicle. Think of an inspiring art pieces or artifacts that inspire productivity. Include them in your home office décor. Make sure you use items that inspire you but don’t distract you.

2. Make practical furniture choices

Choosing practical furniture is important. While aesthetics is important, make sure you don’t trade-off functionality or comfort for aesthetics. Select a chair with a proper lumbar support. Make sure the height of the desk is right and so on. You can choose decorative items like plants and light stands. However, too many can cause distractions!

3. Choose colors wisely

Just because most office spaces are beige or white, yours need not be the same. You can choose any color or shade that sets your mind to work and makes you feel positive and energetic. Bright shades like greens, yellows or blues are just fine enough! Make sure you create harmonious combinations of shades for setting the mood right.

4. Offer yourself a view

The luxury of enjoying a view, every time you look up from your desk, is great. Having to stare at a blank wall may not be all that exciting. Consider placing your desk facing the window or use a scenery on the wall you are facing, for a great viewing experience. You may even choose a painting or art piece if you like.

Home based workplaces are often less productive owing to distractions. Make sure you work towards enhanced focus and relaxation at the same time.