3 More Budget-friendly Updates to Transform Your Home


Home remodeling doesn’t always need to involve a major overhaul. With innovative thinking, you can transform your home on a budget. Small changes can go a long way.

If you are planning to remodel your home but have a limited budget, don’t worry. There are ways to upgrade your home even when you’re short on budget. We shared a few tips in the previous post. So please read that post before you proceed with this one. Also, ensure flawless execution of your ideas by seeking professional help from your Interior Design Company. Here are 3 more budget-friendly ways to transform your home.

1. Update your cabinetry

Again, you don’t need to change it completely. Just replace any old-fashioned handles and drawer pulls in your cabinetry, and that should be enough to improve its overall look and feel. And your updated cabinetry can breathe fresh life to your overall interior design. You’ll find a range of options to choose from. Drawer pulls and handles can be made of copper, stainless steel, bronze and nickel. You’ll also find them in different styles, such as, modern, chick and vintage.

2. Use wallpaper

When you’ve a limited budget, decorating with wallpaper is a great idea. You’ll find them in various colors, patterns and styles. All you need is to choose one that matches with your overall design theme. Also, make sure your wallpaper is easily removable. And check whether you can reuse them, if required.

3. Consider cleaning and painting

Sometimes, all your home needs is cleaning and painting. A fresh coat of paint can make your house look new and refurbished. For best results, consider choosing opposite colors. For instance, if light blue is your existing color, you can consider changing it to deep blue. That way, you can give a different look and transform your home. 

3 Small Updates to Transform Your Home


Home remodeling doesn’t always have to be expensive. Sometimes, small changes can make a huge difference. Your Interior Design Company Singapore can give you practical ideas, but here are some simple ways to update your home on a budget.

1. Create more open space

Even though Singapore’s average home size is getting smaller and smaller, you can always find ways to create open space in your home. If possible, create an open space between your living room, kitchen and dining room. To achieve this, you might need to rearrange or get rid of your large furniture pieces. If you don’t want to abandon your big furnishings, simply paint them in light colors. That way, you can make them less visible in the room, making the space look bigger and more open than it actually is.

2. Use mirrors

Another good idea would be to fix more mirrors in your rooms. This helps create an illusion of open space. If you want to make your home look brighter and more specious, consider placing mirrors opposite your doors and windows, so they can reflect and bounce back more sunlight into the rooms. That brings us to the next idea.

3. Improve your lighting

In addition to natural lights, your home should have enough artificial lights to make your home look bright and specious even during nighttime. If you need professional help for the job, you can hire an acclaimed Interior Design Company. In general, however, you need to replace any outdated ceiling fixtures with new, smart-looking LED lights. Make sure you place separate lights for different parts of your house. It is also important to have more bright lights installed in your home. Also, use a plenty of spot lights and working lights to enhance functionality and accentuate important areas of a room. That way, you can guide the onlooker’s eyes towards more important parts of your house.

3 more Pet-friendly Interior Décor Tips


You love your pets, but you don’t want them to ruin your home décor. So you are wondering, “Is it possible to strike a balance between pet-friendly and pet-proof? The good news is; you can get both. In our previous article, we have already shared some tips on how to decorate your home with pets in mind. Here are some more tips and ideas.

1. Choose the right upholstery

If your sofa cover is made of velvet or velour, change it. When you’ve pets, you should be extra careful about choosing the right fabrics for your upholstery. Some fabrics are more prone to soaking up pet hairs. For instance, avoid corduroy, chenille and mohair. Instead, look for any upholstery made from synthetic fiber and leather. Also, make sure they are easily removable, so that sending them from cleaning wouldn’t be a hassle every time. You should also make sure the materials are fairly resistant to pet scratches.  

2. Keep essentials out of plain sight

Training your pets not to mess with the kitchen appliances could be your long-term goal. But until you achieve that goal, find a way to keep your essentials safe and tidy. The best way to do that is by keeping the appliances out of plain sight. Talk to your Interior Design Firm Singapore and see how you can do that. For instance, you can build sliding drawers in your kitchen cabinet, so you can slide the dishes underneath when not in use.

3. Have enough doors and windows

Pets feel suffocated in a congested space. If your home is short on space, you can build enough doors and windows, at least. That way, you’ll allow your pets to peep into the outside world and feel happy about life. Another good idea would to use light curtains, so anyone can easily pull them aside.

3 Pet-friendly Interior Décor Tips


Just because you’ve pets in your house doesn’t mean you cannot maintain a clean and stylish home décor. Pet friendly interior isn’t a myth, but it’s not a slam dunk either. To make your house suitable for and resistant to your furry friends, you need professional help. Look for an Interior Design Company Singapore that have years of experience designing pet-friendly house. For the best results, also consider getting yourself familiar with the best practices for pet-friendly decoration. Here are some useful tips.

1. Opt for easy-to-clean flooring materials

With pets in house, you can expect more frequent need for floor cleaning. So choose a material that is easy to wash and clean. It is also important to choose a scratch resistant material. Hardwood flooring is a good choice, but large pets can still scratch it. A better alternative would be stone or ceramic tiles. But make sure you don’t use glossy, laminated materials as they make your floor more susceptible to slips and trips.

2. Avoid wall-to-wall carpet

Carpets are usually heavy and difficult to lift. If your dogs or cats pee or drool over your carpet, it would be a lot of work to clean them. Plus, carpets often soak up pet hairs more easily. As an alternative, you can use small, affordable rugs. Affordable is the keyword here. Look for inexpensive rugs, so that even if you need to replace them frequently, it won’t cost you a fortune.

3. Keep enough free space

You don’t want your pets to live in a small space. They need to move around freely. To that end, consider leaving enough free space in your interior design scheme. If you have cats, consider building cat ladders along the walls. To make the space even more pet-friendly, consider installing pet doors and pet flaps. When making your house pet-friendly, however, don’t compromise on style. Your Interior Design Company can help you get the best of both.

3 Things to Keep in Mind when Building Your Kitchen


Kitchen is not just for cooking, it is also your food storage place. Some homeowners want to use it even for dining and working. If your kitchen is short on space, it would be difficult to use it for multiple purposes. That’s why you should aim for a bigger kitchen right from the designing phase.

If, however, your kitchen already has smaller space, don’t worry. You can still make it more efficient and smart looking, with a little creative thinking. Here are some tips.

1. Choose a style

Before you contact an Interior Design Firm Singapore for kitchen designing, consider your preferred style. If you are a minimalist, keep it simple. Abandon all unnecessary items. Keep only the things that you need. For instance, you can do away with those top-hung cabinets, if you truly believe “less is more.”

2. Consider the work triangle

Kitchen work triangle is a design concept that helps layout more efficient kitchens. The concept says that the three important components of a kitchen – 1) sink, 2) cooktop and 3) refrigerator – should form an imaginary triangle. Kitchens with a work triangle are said to have enough space for working and moving around. The guidelines for forming a work triangle also says that the length of the triangle’s each imaginary line should be between four and nine feet.

3. Have separate work zones

To make your kitchen multi-functional, consider breaking it down into various work zones. For instance, one section of your kitchen should be used mainly for cleaning. This section should include the sink, the trash bin, waste basket, recycling bin, dishwasher and the likes. The storage section, on the other hand, should have all the storage materials. You can spilt it further into two halves, with one half having consumable items, such as, food and groceries, and the other half having non-consumable items, such as, utensils.

3 more Tips for Planning a Shared Home Office


Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you’ve silo mentality. You still work as a team with your virtual clients and colleagues.

But it’s one thing to collaborate online; it’s another to share your work desk with someone. So when your partner left the day job to start freelancing, you’re skeptical. Can we both work from the same home office?

Well, off course, you can. All you need is to upgrade your existing home office. In the previous article, we already listed some tips. Here are some more tips for designing a shared home office.

1. Bring back the cubicle culture

If you’re concerned that working alongside your partner may distract you - causing more harm than good, use a glass divider to split the work space in half. That way, you can still see each other (which equals more peace of mind) but won’t be able to chat. In fact, this combination of privacy and intimacy could result in improved productivity for each of you.

2. Sit face to face

If your room is not long enough to place a lengthy desk against the wall, consider using a square desk and sit face to face, with the computers placed between both of you. That way you cannot see each other most of the time. But placing study lamps in the already-full desktop could be difficult. Instead, you can use hanging lights.

3. Consider home décor

Just placing the desk and chairs is not enough. For more focus and concentration, you need to a place that looks and feels good. You can hire an interior design company Singapore for the job. But in general, make sure both you and your partner agree on the color choices, furniture patterns, curtain choices, etc. Remember, both of you will spend a large part of your day in this room. So make sure that both of you like the place.

3 Tips for Planning a Shared Home Office


Slowly but surely, remote working is becoming a de facto norm in Singapore. If you and your spouse work from home, you need a home office that both can use. But shoehorning a workplace in your small home could be a challenge.

Sure…..you should hire an acclaimed interior design firm Singapore for the job. But you still need to have a plan to communicate to your designer. This article packs in some great tips for planning a perfect home office.

1. Select a room

If you’re like most people, your home is less than 1000 square feet. That means dedicating two separate areas for each of you is not an option. There’s no harm sitting side by side as long as each partner has their own space. Depending on your profession, each of you may have different workspace needs. For instance, you may need the window view, while your spouse may require a bigger desk. So define your priorities and negotiate, but select a place that offers something for each partner.

2. Consider lighting

Lighting not only helps set the mood, but could also have an impact your eye health. Clearly, ensuring good lighting is critical to the success of your home office endeavor. If you are fortunate to have large windows in the room, consider placing the work desk close to and facing the window. That way, you can leverage the natural lighting. You’ll still need to use artificial lights for night shifts. If you’re not sure what type of lights to use, seek advice from your interior designer.

3. Keep the shelf nearby

In addition to the drawers in your shelf, you’ll need a common shelf for keeping books, files and other necessary items. Make sure the common shelf is at an arm’s length from both of you. You don’t want to walk down to the other corner of your room every time you need an important document or book.

Top 3 House Decoration Tips for Christmas


If you want to be creative with your holiday decoration, think different.  You can still follow the de facto standards, but a little innovative thinking can go a long way to make your holiday decoration stand out.

For instance, while red and green are the colors of Christmas, you can add a touch of orange or blue to complement them. However, make sure you choose colors that suit your overall design theme. If you need more customized suggestions, talk to your interior design firm Singapore. Even if you don’t want to hire a professional, simply reading the below tips will help you come up with new, unique Christmas decoration ideas.

1. Less is more

Just because you are decorating for Christmas doesn’t mean you have to be extravagant. Less is more. And yes, it works for your Christmas decoration as well. For instance, avoid using too many colors and lights. Rather than using separate lights, you can buy a Christmas tree that comes with lights.

2. Use matching flowers and garlands

This doesn’t require mentioning but wreaths and flowers help make any room look more colorful. Spend some time thinking what types of flowers you want to use and where you want to use them. There is no set rule but setting a pattern through repetition is a great idea. For instance, if you hang a pine garland in your front window, consider putting matching wreaths in all other windows.

3. Have a theme

In the same vein, experts suggest that picking a theme helps stick to a consistent pattern. For instance, pick 3 or 4 colors that suit your theme and use the same colors consistently across all your rooms.

Once you’re done with your decoration, take a short break and review the whole thing after a time gap. At this point, see if the overall design is making a strong design statement.

3 More Interior Design Tips and Ideas for Your Bachelor Pad


While there’s no set standard for how you should decorate your bachelor pad, the basic interior design thumb rules apply to any home décor. That’s exactly why you should always seek professional help from an Interior Design Company Singapore. In our previous post, we’ve already covered some tips. Here are some more tips and ideas for your bachelor pad décor.

1. Choose the colors right

You can mix and match your wall colors and furniture colors, but make sure you have a theme. Just because multicolor walls are accepted these days doesn’t mean you can go without a plan. Even when you’re giving yourself permission to experiment with the colors, make sure that you choose different colors from the same family. For instance, you can mix and match deep blue and deep orange with light blue and light orange. As long as the colors are in symmetry, you’re safe to experiment with the furniture patterns and textures.

2. Use creative lighting

Lighting helps set the right mood into your rooms. Understand that you might need soft lights and hard lights for different occasions. So keeping more options open is always a good idea. You can switch on the soft lights when spending intimate moments with your friends, while hard lights would be necessary for studying and other important works. Depending on your needs, you can consider having a fireplace or some candles for romantic dinners.

3. Add an element of surprise

What about hanging your school day bike onto the living room ceiling? Or maybe you want to use a wooden cable drum as your center table. Think different and you can add an element of surprise in your home décor. A little unique thinking goes a long way to give your guests a sneak peek into the creative side of you. It also shows that you’re bold enough to break the conventional rules to make a point.

Interior Design Tips for Your Bachelor Pad


For bachelors, nothing is more satisfying than having your own place to live in. Whether you’ve just moved to your first ever bachelor pad or have been living there for some time, the drive to decorate your home in a way that wows your friends and relatives could hit you anytime. While you should hire an acclaimed Interior Design Company Singapore for the job, it is always a good idea to define your requirements and preferences before your call the experts. Here are some useful bachelor pad design tips.

Embrace minimalism

Minimalism in home décor works well with any homes, but more so for a bachelor pad. Since you’re living alone, you can choose to keep only the essentials and leave out the rest. For instance, if you think you don’t need a wall unit or a plant, simply eliminate. The best thing about decorating a bachelor pad is that you don’t have to follow a de facto standard. You can leave out the useless decorations and keep only the functional items.

Consider cleaning

This is basic wisdom but many bachelors mess it up right there. There’s no point decorating your home if you cannot keep it clean. So clean the clutter and make sure you don’t keep more items than you actually need. Having more items make cleaning even more difficult and time consuming.

Let your persona shine through

Your bachelor pad should tell a story about you. If you think it would help, take the help your Interior Design Company to lend a personality to your home. The place where you live in should tell a lot about your persona and hobbies. If you’re into reading books, include a book shelf and display your favorite books. If you are into painting, show off your passion by hanging your favorite paintings onto the walls.


Top 3 Interior Design Tips for Renters


One of the downsides of living in rental home is that you usually do not have the permission to change the place as per your preferences.  Though there might be so many restrictions while living in rentals but at the same time there are benefits as well. You don’t need to worry about the burst pipes, dripping taps, and broken door handles. There will be an on- call maintenance staff to take care of these things. Transforming rental into a place of your own choice which makes you feel more comfortable and homely is really easy with the help of these top three interior design tips listed below.

1. Use Peel and Stick wall art

The first and the least expensive tool for renters’ home décor is the peel and stick wall art. You can stick any design or architecture of your choice without damaging the walls. You’ll find a wide variety of colorful painting or sketches. This is one of most innovative ways to rejuvenate the walls of your home, without having to spend huge money. Interior design companies are offering various designs, colors as per your interest.

2. Consider using a beautiful Chandelier

Another good idea for the renters is hanging a beautiful Chandelier from the ceiling. You can choose any of your room either bedroom or living room to hang them. The best part with this idea is whenever you leave the apartment you can pack your chandelier and take them with you.

3. Decorate windows

Another great idea that renters can implement would be decorating the windows. You can opt for curtains; can paint across the window to make it look more fascinating. If you are an artistic person, then you can also embellish the window as per your imagination, recruiting any interior design company Singapore can also help.

3 More Window Dressing Ideas


Windows are not just entities present in a home but they are a way to showcase your inner self. They are also a medium to connect with your neighborhood, to get a glance of your surroundings. A home without windows would be like a workplace without boss. And it’s very important to decorate these most important attribute of the home. Interior design companies are also offering marvelous ideas to change the scenario around or across your windows.  Here we are listing three outstanding window dressing ideas which will lead you to the Road of Damascus.  

1. Adhesive Films

First on our list is the most popular and pocket friendly idea i.e. adhesive film. You only have to follow three simple steps – a) buy an adhesive film of your choice, b) peel it and c) stick it on the window. Job done! And you will be astonished to see your simple window transformed into a beautiful thing. The best part with these films is; if you want to change your interior design you can remove them without leaving any sticky stains.

2. Artwork

If you don’t want to make any kind of changes to the window yet want to decorate it, go with the artwork. Simply choose any painting of your choice and place it above or below the window. You can take assistance of Interior Design Company Singapore to guide you the best. If you are a painter then you can even paint the side walls of the window.

3. Plantation

Third on our table is the idea for those who are green panthers; plantation. You can place pots having tall plants on both sides on the window. This idea will not only enhance the window’s look but also purify the air. If you are revamping your kitchen window then herb garden can be one option. Again this also will serve two important factors, prettify your window and handy herb garden.

Top 7 Kitchen Curtain Tips and Ideas


They say the heart of any home is its kitchen. Although it’s just a room for cooking food, you can make it look as refreshing and organized as any other room in the house with a little creative tweaks and innovation. For instance, innovative use of kitchen curtains can change this often-ignored area of the house into your favorite room. If the curtains complement your interior décor, then they can breathe new life to the kitchen. If you want you can take professional help from an Interior design Company Singapore for the same.

Tips and Ideas for Choosing Kitchen Curtains

Kitchen curtains are more than just curtains. They exhibit your design taste and lifestyle in a suave manner. Find the top seven kitchen curtain tips and ideas down below.

1.      Stripe curtains are a good choice. You’ll find different types of stripe curtains, but the most popular ones are chic and classic.

2.      You can also go for the floral curtains. Most Interior Design Companies recommend these curtains for the kitchen area. A wide variety of floral curtain options are available these days. You can pick up one that goes well with the color, texture and design of your kitchen.

3.      If your budget is tight, consider sheer curtains. They are more affordable but still add elegance to your kitchen.

4.      Plaid curtains are another popular option. You will find plaids for all types kitchen irrespective of size, style and shape.

5.      If you are looking for a simple yet classy look, then you can opt for blind curtains. Over the top they suit both for modern and preppy-styled kitchen.

6.      Floor curtains could be a good choice for you, if the windows of your kitchen are large or have an odd shape.

7.      If you’re not much concerned about what others have to say, then go for fabric draped curtains.

With a little research, you can find the curtains of your choice. It is also possible to customize the color, fabric and style of your kitchen curtains to your exact requirement.


3 Innovative Ways to Dress up Your Windows


Windows play a very crucial role in enhancing the beauty of your home, while also keeping the rooms ventilated. But dressing up your windows could be a challenge. Just adding curtains and blinds may not be enough to tap the full potential of your windows, both in terms of beauty and functionality. If you need professional help for window treatment, you can contact an Interior Design Company Singapore. Even otherwise, learning the below tips and ideas about modern window dressing should help.

1. Draping Curtains

If you have a limited budget but don’t want to compromise on the aesthetics, go for the draping curtains. You’ll find many different types of draping curtains specially designed for window treatment. Some of the most popular options include plaid curtains, striped curtains, and floor curtains. You can also be a little more innovative and use a combination of different types of curtains to create a unique look.

 2. Zebra Striped Cornices

If you want to look beyond curtains, consider using zebra striped cornices. These are attractive and amplify the aura of the room, but most importantly they are uncommon – sets you apart instantly. Although a little more expensive than curtains, the elegance of zebra striped cornices is worth the high price. If you have any second thought regarding the idea, you can seek advice from your Interior Design Company.

3. Installing Shelves

If you want to create more space through your interior décor, one good idea would be to install some shelves in the window. You can even do it yourself by placing a wooden plank across the window, and place beautiful pots over it. You can plant flowers, kitchen herbs in those pots and can also color them to enhance the beauty of the window. This idea not only helps exhibit your creative taste, but also gives you extra space to shoehorn more items in your small condo.

3 Bedroom Design Ideas for the 20-something Woman


The 20s is when you grow up. You start to expand your world, connect with more people from the outside world. If you’re like most women in their 20s, you’ll notice a change in your belief system, thoughts, personality at this phase of your life.

But how will you reflect that change in your bedroom design? Well, interior designing for your bedroom doesn’t have to be stressful. You can always contact an Interior Design Firm Singapore for help. But even if you hire a professional, you’ll need to tell them what you want. So here are some ideas.

1. The Classic bedroom

If you want to ‘elegance’ to flow from every corner of your bedroom, go for the classic style. Started in the 18th century from the boudoirs, this style of bedroom design incorporates a soft and relaxed look. You can use light blue or light purple shades in the walls. Or you can go for black & white with gray shades. Use contemporary furniture but no rugs. One good idea would be to use bean bags as chairs. Also, hand a few wall arts here and there, but don’t go overboard.

2. The Victorian style

 Want to feel like a queen from the Victorian era? Design your bedroom in the Victorian style. You’ll find many traditional-style beds repurposed in a new way. So take your pick. For the other furniture, opt for the brown wooden ones. Also consider using chandelier lights and light-color beddings to brighten up the mood.

3. The Trendy bedroom

One problem with the trendy style is that what’s trendy today might look dated after a few years. That’s why if you want a trendy style of bedroom design, go for easily replaceable items. For instance, use portable beds and furniture and stick-and-peel wallpapers.

With a little help from your Interior Design Company, you can design a perfect bedroom matching your persona and taste.

4 Common Interior Design Mistakes 20-somethings Make


When you’re in your 20s, mistakes are common. While mistakes give you a chance to learn, you don’t have to necessarily commit one to learn from it. There are ways to learn from other people’s mistakes.

That holds true the context of interior design too. Rather than spending a fortune on your home décor only to regret later, you can do your own research from the outset. Better yet, contact an acclaimed Interior Design Firm Singapore and ask for advice. Here are some common mistakes most 20-somethings make in their home décor.

1. Not framing the artwork

You probably love to hang artworks and posters on the walls, but don’t want to invest in their framing. That’s not cool though. Artworks look great only when you frame them. Just pinning them onto the wall make them look cheap.

2. Getting stuck in the childhood

You are 20 now, if not older. Your personality has grown up over the years. So should your home décor! Many 20-somethings don’t understand this. They continue to design like a kid. Don’t do that. Instead, choose bold wall colors. Ditch that futon and invest in a proper mattress.

3. Not thinking long-term

It is time buy some furniture pieces that you’ll be able to use for years through your 20s and even 30s. One common mistake in your 20s is to indulge in impulsive buying. Just because that throw pillow is trending now doesn’t mean it’ll remain in vogue next year. So think and plan before you buy. Think long term.

4. Not investing in rugs

Yes, rugs are expensive. But they make your home look elegant. Also, if you invest in the right ones, you don’t have to invest in them for the next five years, at least. It’s amazing how good rugs can change the look and feel of your place, so don’t exclude them from your list.

3 Best Houseplants to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality


Houseplants are a great tool to enhance your interior décor. But can they purify the air in your home? According to a recent study by NASA, they certainly can improve your indoor air quality. Researchers at NASA found that certain indoor plants can help remove formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful chemicals from the air. So which plants should you keep in your house for better air quality? Well, there are many options. Your interior design firm can help you choose the right options for you. But here are 3 easily available houseplants you can try.

1. Spider Plant

Spider Plant is one of the most common and highly suggested houseplants that also augment beautification inside the room. It is quite powerful in combating air pollutants such as carbon monoxide, xylene, formaldehyde, benzene etc. You can easily grow this plant inside any room as even indirect sunlight is sufficient for its nourishment.

2. Peace Lily

Peace Lily is a long-time favorite plant among the enthusiasts and the NASA study further proved that this plant is highly effective for cleaning air. Peace Lilies don’t require direct sunlight, but it is suggested to give the plant indirect light from a nearby window. If you keep the plant in low light, neither will it bloom as expected, nor will it be very effective in reducing the toxin levels of indoor air. It can also neutralize toxic gases, such as, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, ammonia, trichloroethylene and benzene.

3. Aloe Vera

Except for the people living in the tropics, Aloe Vera can easily be grown indoors as a houseplant. Apart from beautification, it also helps remove various toxic gases, including formaldehyde. On the other hand, its gel contains full of vitamins, amino acids, and various healing properties. Hence, it helps improve skin problems like psoriasis. If you want to know about the other indoor plant options for home décor, contact an acclaimed interior design company in your area.

Tips to Create a Meditation Space in Your Home


Wouldn’t it be superb to have a special space in your home where you can sit for long to achieve mental and emotional peace? Given today’s hectic and stressful lifestyle, a separate space of solitude where you can spend some time alone connecting to the higher power is a necessity. You can also use that space for doing yoga exercises. Your interior design company can help you find and create a perfect place for meditation at home. While there is no set of rule for creating a meditation space, you should take a few things into consideration.

 Include nature

Having a natural surrounding would help you connect to your inner soul more easily. For instance, consider choosing a place with a plenty of fresh air and natural light. You can decorate your meditation space with green plants or a vase of flowers. This not only gives it a beautiful, calming look, but also helps boost your energy due to abundance of fresh oxygen.

Clean the clutter

When it comes to creating a meditation space, less is more. Use minimalistic décor principles. Keep the space clean and keep only a few necessary items, such as, a mat, a small table and a pillow.

Keep arrangements for music

Although music isn’t necessary for meditation, it still helps concentrate in the beginning. So make sure your meditation space has power sockets and other necessary items for playing a music system.

Add a personal touch

Depending on your individual preferences, you can use smell, sound, or any object to help you make your inner journey. Some people prefer keeping Buddha’s idol or depiction on the wall to get inspiration for meditation while recalling his utmost contribution in the science of inner journey to the humanity. So personalize the space the way you want.  You can also consider keeping spiritual books in the space.


Top 3 Living Room Flooring Ideas


When it comes to decorating the living room, you’ve a whole lot of options. Flooring plays an important role in making the living room look bigger and posh. Here are some living room flooring ideas that strikes the right balance between beauty and durability.

1. Timber floor

If you are looking to upgrade your floors, Timber flooring can be a good choice. You can choose any Timber flooring – from light, medium to even dark – to give your residence a lavish feel. All kinds of Timber floors can go with any décor from traditional to modern, including Mediterranean and Asian styles. However, this kind of flooring should be avoided for the places like kitchen, washroom and basement.

2. Marble floor

Natural marble stones come in a wide variety of colors, designs and shapes, making them a perfect choice for flooring. The biggest advantage of marble flooring is that it helps elevate the appearance of any place instantly, thanks to their polished looks, matte finishes and textured designs. More importantly, every piece of marble tile is unique. That means, with marble tiles, you can give your floors a one-of-its-kind look. Multiple colored tiles are also available. In addition, marble floors are durable, heat resistant and easy to clean.

3. Tiles

For the people who are searching for water including stain-resistant flooring, tile floor is considered a wonderful option for them. It is also a good option as it becomes highly resistant to stain or any kind of damage from water as making process involves heating and cooling natural clay. Hence, during the days of high humidity, it won’t reflect high temperature and can be soothing to bare feet. A contract given to an interior design firm will be a good option in case if you are renovating the entire room along with flooring. They are specialized to give you the right color that will create a marvelous overall visual appeal.

Tips to Decorate Your Study Room


The performance of a student highly depends on the atmosphere where he is regularly studying and preparing for the exam. This is absolutely an experimented fact and that’s why parents across the globe are always trying to find innovative ways to decorate the study room for their children. Here are some tips to decorate your children’s study room.

A study table and chair

A study room must have a study table and a comfortable chair. The table should be wide to be able to accommodate rechargeable study lamp, laptop including a flower vase apart from necessary items for studying and doing homework. It is also suggested to invest for a comfortable chair as the student needs to spend hours in it, whereas concentration will also depend how he is able to sit comfortably.

Alternative sitting area

Sometimes, the student may feel tiring sitting in a chair for long hours. Hence, if space permits, you can invest for another sitting area (like sofa-cum-bed) at any corner that will give much comfort to him. A wall shelf can also be fixed over the wall (near this sitting area) for better convenience and trendy look.

Cabinets and shelves

For the bookworm students, you need to arrange extra space for shelving several books. Hence, if you give the contract to a reputed interior design company Singapore, they will add cabinets and shelves in a strategic way so that the overall appearance looks trendy. Remember, the positioning should be done in such a way that makes the room look bigger and versatile.

Wall color

According to color psychology, colors like blue, green, yellow, and orange help a student concentrate on their studies, while cool colors such as gray or brown may distract them. While blue is believed to enhance productivity, green makes the atmosphere tranquil. Experts have contrasting opinions about certain colors. It is always a good idea to seek advice and color suggestions from your interior design company. But avoid using dark colors in the wall as it could affect the student’s vision and concentration.